Away We Go (2009)

Away We Go (2009) — SECOND REVIEW [ON BLU RAY, 26 DEC 2009]: Hey, my first double review since I started writing these things.  Groovy.  I woke up in the middle of the night last week and couldn’t get back to sleep so I put this on and I remembered just how much I loved … Continue reading

The Proposal (2009)

The Proposal (2009) — If they made this exact same movie with the exact same script starring some romantic comedy regulars like Kate Hudson or Matthew McCoughoughngouhgnnahey then I would have really hated it.  But Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are charismatic so I didn’t mind it so much.  Dumb dumb dumb dumb stupid movie … Continue reading

Fanboys (2008)

Fanboys (2008) — Pretty funny, moderately moving but mostly an excuse to play “spot the reference” or “spot the cameo.”  I liked it but it felt more like a test for geek cred.

Wise Blood (1979)

Wise Blood (1979) — A very unsettling film about faith.  This movie is not particularly enjoyable but it is very thought-provoking.  The performances, especially Brad Dourif’s, are amazing.  I’m not very familiar with Flannery O’Connor’s works.  I know I read some story by her in high school but I don’t really remember it one way … Continue reading

Danton (1983)

Danton (1983) — Great Wadjza picture about a period of French history that I personally find fascinating.  The essay that came with the Criterion DVD gave me a lot of great background too into the parallels Wadjza was trying to draw between the French Reign of Terror and what was going on in Poland at … Continue reading

The Graduate (1967)

The Graduate (1967) — I made it 24 years somehow without seeing this movie and now that I finally have I love it.  While Hoffman may have been a bit ethnically mismatched with the actors who played his extremely WASP-ish parents, I haven’t ever seen someone better reflect the ennui that sets in when everyone suddenly … Continue reading