(500) Days of Summer (2009)

(500) Days of Summer (2009) — SECOND REVIEW [on Blu Ray]: Already wrote a review so just an observation this time around (or more aptly, an expansion of an idea from my original review).  The character of Summer changes from scene-to-scene from being an idealistic dream girl to a heartless bitch.  In a simpler movie this might scream poor character development but what it is is that everything is filtered through Tom’s eyes.  Only at the end of the movie do you really get a glimpse that she’s a real person who’s more complicated than one man’s idea of what she should or shouldn’t be.  That’s really the thing with relationships, isn’t it?  Not just romantic ones but any relationship.  They sometimes fail under the weight of our expectations.  Something I gave some thought to this time around… ORIGINAL REVIEW [In Theaters]: From the opening disclaimer to the end that I sort of saw coming, this movie is unabashedly indie.  They go to a karaoke bar that has the Pixies but not Bruce Springsteen.  Where do such places exist?  It’s a film that from a guy’s perspective feels true.  Those “free-spirited” type of girls who are so easy to fall for are USUALLY INSANE.  The film is told entirely from the guy’s perspective and about halfway through you figure out that the whole story isn’t being told.  This flick is more about emotional truths than realism and that allows for animated sequences and a dance number and all sorts of quirky things that shouldn’t work because we’ve seen them before but they do work because this movie knows what it’s trying to say and exactly how to say it.  The movie was great, especially because it was just conventional enough to work but unconventional enough to not be formulaic.  I really enjoyed the hell out of it.

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