Fired Up! (2009)

Fired Up! (2009) — Ain’t what I’d call great cinema but fuck it, I laughed.  Never mind that Eric Christian Olsen has got to be in his 30s by now [he was making high school movies when I was still in high school] and all the “high school girls” were strait from a modeling agency.  Don’t really give a shit.  The two leads were funny and had great line delivery.  There were a lot of smoking hot women a couple of whom managed to be funny as well (the lesbian girl and the one who said randomly inappropriate shit come to mind).  The douchebag boyfriend massively overplayed his part and that got a little annoying but fuck it, the movie’s not exactly about subtlety.  Clever lines or ad libs or whatever turned a stupid movie into a stupid movie that made me laugh a lot.  Maybe it won’t go down as the great comedy of 2009 [think The Hangover already called dibs on that, and Observe and Report kicked massive amounts of ass too] but will at least hold up the way Encino Man did, as a dumb movie I can laugh at when I need to.  I’m trying to think of more ways to say fun stupid movie but I can’t.  It was stupid.  It was fun.  I liked it.

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