Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009) — So yeah, I never read any of the books.  None of ’em.  A movie you spend two hours with, a book is usually the better part of a week [depending how much free time you have to read].  I can’t see spending the better part of a week at a wizard school.  But it’s a fun place to go for a couple of hours at a time.  Anyway I’ve been a fan of the film series by-and-large (though the one before this was profoundly mediocre).  On a largely superficial note, I think it’s kind of funny [in a mean-spirited way] that as Daniel Radcliffe and especially Emma Watson age into attractive young adults Rupert Grint is aging in a decidedly less fortunate manner.  It makes Hermoine’s crush on Ron a little weird.  Then again it’s not like I’ve never seen a hot girl with an ugly dude before.  Anyway I’ve been writing for a while and still haven’t substantively commented on the movie itself.  I liked it.  Could have been better.  I kind of wish Alfonso Cuaron had stuck with the series as Prisoner of Azkaban is still my favorite of the bunch (but then there would be no Children of Men and I fucking love that movie).  I did have a couple of issues with it.  Namely in the first one it’s like kind of a refreshing “twist” that “oh the creepy Hans Gruber guy ISN’T a bad guy after all” and now [uh, spoiler alert] in this one it’s like “oh wait, yeah he is.”  I also don’t like spiders.  They freak me out like in a seriously fucked-up and psychological way.  It’s the eyes.  Why the fuck do they need that many eyes?  And the pincers [hey, I just quoted the movie in the review all professional-like (though pros don’t say fuck as much)].  So normally I would say there were too many subplots and shit but the subplots kind of helped lighten the tone as the series is getting darker [that’s a good thing] but it still is for the youngins.  Um, anyway it was fun enough.

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