The Kite Runner (2007)

The Kite Runner (2007) — So I have one cardinal rule about watching movies based on book I’ve read: don’t hold the movie up to the standard of the book.  It will always end up short because books can elaborate much more.  And what works in a book probably won’t work in a movie.  I bring this up because I watched this about two hours after finishing the book in a classroom full of people who presumably also recently finished reading the book recently.  I heard some light bitching about deleted subplots (most notably a character’s harelip and a suicide attempt).  The harelip would be difficult to pull off in a movie because either a) you CG or use makeup to give someone without a harelip one, or b) you find a kid with a harelip and then pay to have it repaired at the appropriate time in filming.  Neither is particularly cost-effective when the whole thing can be written out of the script entirely.  As for the suicide attempt, it would have dragged in a movie.  But I’m comparing the movie to the book.  Shouldn’t do that.  The movie was good, Marc Forster as always is a talented director.  The kite battles are “filmed” expertly.  I found myself wondering how many of the actors were actually Afghan.  The two actors in the movie whose names I know (Shaun Toub & Saïd Taghmaoui) aren’t.  Actually a quick Wikipedia search after typing that last accent reveals that pretty much none of the adult actors were Afghan, but the kids were.  Interesting.  Anyway, the film is good.  But whereas a novel the events seemed to flow somewhat organically, the movie seems like they were jumping around story-wise a lot.  But there I go comparing again.  I suck at this.  Anyway it was good.  Somewhat depressing though.

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