The Ugly Truth (2009)

The Ugly Truth (2009) — While there was nothing particularly original about this movie I can think of worse ways to spend a couple hours.  From here on out I choose to itemize my review. 1. The film’s strength is in its R rating.  Not that vulgarity in itself is a way to make a crappy movie good, but it is a refreshing change from your usual chick flicks.  And what can I say, “cock” is a funny word.  It is nice that the “Crass and vulgar” character archetype is actually able to BE crass and vulgar.  That being said this is still one of those movies where people have sex while still wearing lingerie, so whatever. 2. Gerard Butler’s accent bugged me the whole movie.  I think he should adopt the strategy of his countryman Sean Connery and just play every role with his natural accent, no matter how inappropriate.  Instead Butler over enunciated his flat “American-sounding” vowel sounds and doesn’t really ever pass as a yank. 3. The movie is set in Sacramento and at a certain point Katharine Heigl makes this big deal about how she likes Sacramento and would rather stay here than move to a larger market like New York City.  Where the fuck is she living? 4. John Michael Higgins is in this movie and I’m always in favor of that.  From Best in Show to Fired Up!, that guy just rocks.  Plus he’s Mentok the Mind-taker! 5. Uptight girl learns to loosen up.  Unemotional guy learns to open up.  And both learn not to judge a book by its cover.  Fall in love, fight over a misunderstanding, then make up, & happily ever after.  For a movie that talks about clichés a lot it sure doesn’t try to avoid them. 6. Vibrating underwear with the remote control “misplaced” was done on The Drew Carey Show like 10 years ago.  Much like then it’s funny for a minute or so then they rode the joke too long. 7. Eh, I laughed.  So for all the movie’s flaws (of which there were many some of which really bugged me) I really can’t hate on it too much.

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