Watchmen (2009)

Watchmen (2009) — So like everyone who read the comic book first (I hate people who say “graphic novels,” it takes an awesome art form and gives it that ring of pretension that makes me want to punch people in the throat) I have my own list of things I wish had been left in the movie (“But in the end I did the right thing?”  “Nothing ever ends.”), but what is the first rule of watching an adaptation: DON’T COMPARE IT TO THE SOURCE MATERIAL [beyond reason anyway, certain comic movies like Wanted just piss all over the source material and that’s just fucking annoying].  Rate it as a movie.  And as a movie, Watchmen is one I pretty much dug.  It makes my top 5 so far this year (although I’m sure others will come along to eclipse it as awards season rolls around).  Although some of the points are made a little crudely (Nixon’s comment about the “Harvard establishment”) I like the allegory of the film.  You have characters that represent paranoid and reactionary outlooks on society and others who represent the absolute of moral relativism and a conclusion (though definitely not up to par with the comic’s [fuck I did it again!]) gives you thoughts about humanity can be saved at the expense of… um, well, itself.  I love the iconic soundtrack (especially the Bob Dylan opening credits sequence) and the look of the film.  I think Jackie Earle Haley is fucking brilliant.  I like the way Matthew Goode talks with an American accent in interviews but with a slight German accent in private conversations in the movie.  I dig that the movie doesn’t shy away from the more gruesome aspects of the comic (even going so far as to make some things even more gruesome [like that puddle of viscera after Dr. Manhattan explodes people?  Holy shit!]).  After Dawn of the Dead, 300, and this I’m not sure what lies ahead for Zach Snyder.  I almost got the feeling some things in the movie worked because of him and others in spite of him.  I’m curious to see if he’ll ever work with any original material, as opposed to comic books or 1970s horror film remakes.  I guess I’ll keep watching (hahaha, I made a joke based on the title just like real film critics!  Suck it, Gene Shalit!).  As for the new scenes of the Director’s Cut, they flowed organically in the movie so no complaints there.  I originally saw the movie on IMAX, but on my much much smaller TV I think I noticed more detail.  Maybe because I wasn’t as overwhelmed by the image.  I don’t know.  I’ve been rambling on for a while and I don’t know that I have much more constructive to say at this time.  I dug this movie a lot.

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