Jennifer’s Body (2009)

Jennifer’s Body (2009) — So this is a horror comedy written by Oscar-winning former stripper Diablo Cody and starring Mega[n] Fox.  But it’s never scary and only inconsistently funny.  Cody’s Juno-speak doesn’t really work in genres other than “quirky indie flick” and just a word to deflect most people who want to see this movie’s reason for wanting to see this movie: there is no nudity by the Mega Fox.  Pluses: well when I say inconsistently funny, that means there is funniness in this.  I enjoyed Adam Brody as the affable Satanist lead singer of a crappy rock band.  Speaking of crappy rock bands they make up most of the soundtrack.  Cool point for including a song by Screeching Weasel though.  Also naming the movie after a Hole song.  So this movie is like an allegory for something.  Being a teenage girl, I guess.  It’s at the same time unsubtle and yet not very clear.  That’s not a great combo.  Amanda Seyfried and Megan Fox have like this weird homoerotic undercurrent to their relationship that’s like brought up once and then never really followed through on.  It’s too vague to be titillating and too exploitative to be organic.  This movie never really decides what it wants to be.  Does it want to be scary?  [Epic fail if so.]  Funny?  [Tepid partial success]  Just an excuse for Mega[n] Fox to look hot without doing much in the way of acting? [Rousing success]  To be fair, she isn’t awful or anything.  I don’t know maybe she can act.  Transformers and this really aren’t the appropriate films to gauge anyone’s acting ability.  But here she just kind of sinks to the level of the material.  I didn’t hate this movie or anything.  I definitely chuckled a decent amount.  But I really wasn’t expecting Sorority Row to be the more entertaining movie I saw today…

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