Surrogates (2009)

Surrogates (2009) — So my most-stated rule of reviewing adaptations is try to review the movie on its own and don’t compare it the source material.  I also break the rule pretty much every time I mention it.  As for Surrogates, on its own it’s a pretty decent movie.  Not great.  Maybe not even memorable, but solidly entertaining.  But I did miss the social commentary of the comic book.  I mean the same themes are explored but in nowhere near the same depth.  Also the bleakness of the comic is missing.  They tried to do some original things (original meaning not from the comic, yet still sort of derivative of other better movies) which i appreciated.  So maybe the weight of expectations crushed this for me a bit but I did enjoy it.  It’s a not a deep movie, but I liked it.

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