Hell Ride (2008)

Hell Ride (2008) — Booze, broads, bikes, bullets.  That pretty much sums it up.  By no means is this what you might technically call a “good” movie, but for me that makes it better.  The 70s-style exploitation genre has spawned many an imitator, but this is one of those movies that gets that feel right to me.  The “plot” is completely irrelevant.  The bad dialogue is awesome in its badness.  Several very nice-looking women are naked for no reason at all really and that’s always swell.  Speaking of “no reason at all” I am a fan of a thing in movies I call the pointless fight [the best one of course being in They Live].  There’s a pretty great pointless fight between Michael Madsen and Eric Balfour.  There’s no reason for it and they really don’t even seem to be mad at each other but they fight and it rules if for no other reason than its awesome pointlessness.  There’s a weird peyote sequence that’s done 70s-style.  Also lots of naked women.  Don’t remember if I mentioned that.  Also some badass bikes.  Also David Carradine having something tied around his neck in what is a hilarious or eerie [depending on how sick your sense of humor is] harbinger of things that were yet to come.  Also I know I complain a lot about fake-sounding American accents [like Steve Coogan in Hamlet 2 or Gerard Butler in ANYTHING where he’s American] but Vinnie Jones does it in this movie: the single worst fake American accent ever.  Is that a bad thing or a good thing?  The answer to that question might tell you whether or not you’d like this movie.  Oh, and there’s a whole bunch of naked chicks.

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