Keeping Mum (2005)

Keeping Mum (2005) — So this movie was recommended by Netflix to my dad based on his order history.  Not sure I understand why.  It starts with a very promising prologue, then gets rather boring for forty-five minutes or so, then gets somewhat amusing.  That’s hardly a recommendation but I guess I liked it okay.  There’s a girl named Tamsin Egerton in this movie who I find rather attractive, so that’s good and she plays an occasionally topless nymphomaniac so that’s nice.  Rowan Atkinson is somewhat subdued which is in stark contrast to everything else I’ve ever seen him in.  Kristin Scott Thomas and Maggie Smith are good.  If you feel like making this movie more interesting you could view it as a very grim follow-up to Mary Poppins what with the whole nanny-makes-troubled-family-better story, but with a more twisted homicidal approach.  [SPOILER] Patrick Swayze dies, which is kind of weird since Patrick Swayze died recently, but whatever. [END SPOILERS]  Anyway, if it’s on TV and nothing better is on watch it.  It might amuse you somewhat.

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