Let the Right One In (2008)

Let the Right One In (2008) — My Mom was watching Oprah and Stephanie Meyer was on and my Mom liked that stupid glittery vampire movie and I was grumbling about actual GOOD vampires movies so Let the Right One In was my best example.  So naturally I put it on as my parents have a brand new HDTV that makes me want to watch all my Blu Rays again… This movie is incredible.  As I mentioned in my review of Where the Wild Things Are [dear God, I’ve begun referencing my reviews… I’ve become self-aware…] childhood is a time when even if you’re always surrounded by people there’s a certain internal world you have. The main character Oskar is very much that type of kid, except he is very solitary so his only real companion is himself.  Until Eli moves in next door.  Their friendship forms in very much the way pre-adolescent crushes do.  Only with a higher body count. This movie leaves a lot of things unexplained that I am told are elaborated much further in the book. That just means I’m not going to read the book. I like it better with the ambiguity. There is a forthcoming pointless American remake of this movie for people too illiterate to read subtitles. While I will give it a shot, I think this movie can hardly be improved upon and to attempt to do so is a futile endeavor.  This is not Friday the 13th where a remake can just juice up a long-running franchise, this is an amazing poetic movie that shows that the vampire genre, or even the vampire-human-romance genre is so much more than sparkling pretty boy douchebags.

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