Observe and Report (2009)

Observe and Report (2009) — At a certain point in this movie Ben Best says “I thought this would be kind of funny, but actually it’s kind of sad.”  I’m sure that will be a lot of people’s reaction to this movie.  But not mine.  I fucking loved this movie.  It’s just so wrong that it feels so right.  In fact I have yet to talk to anyone else who feels the same way.  I know a few people who thought it was “okay” but by and large most of the people I’ve talked to hated it.  While I still haven’t seen his debut film The Foot Fist Way, I am a big fan of Jody Hill’s HBO series Eastbound and Down and this movie follows that formula of losers with grandiose delusions of self-importance.  Virtually nobody in this movie is likable.  And I’m okay with that because it lets you laugh your ass off at them.  Most movies try to get you to sympathize at least somewhat with their characters, but really that just keeps you from laughing when they get screwed over by life.  This is only Seth Rogen movie where he isn’t the same likable loser (or gelatinous equivalent thereof).  He goes seriously dark on this one.  I heard him give an interview describing it as Taxi Driver as a comedy.  I thought that was stupid at the time.  Then I saw the movie and it really does seem to fit.  There are no real lessons to be learned here (aside from stay on your meds if you’re bipolar, I suppose).  I don’t know if I can in good conscience “recommend” this movie but I love it in a way that suggests more than a few severe flaws in my character…

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