Slither (2006)

Slither (2006) — Definitely the better film in my Halloween Alien-Slugs-Make-People-Into-Zombies Double Feature.  This movie rocks.  Half gross-out horror flick and half comedy, this movie plays to my sick sense of humor.  The fact that the leads are Nathan Fillion and Elizabeth Banks should clue you in right away that this movie isn’t playing it totally straight.  Michael Rooker gets stung by some weird alien thing and starts mutating into some weird creature described as squid-like.  While suddenly filled with the overwhelming urge to consume raw meat [and house pets] and impregnate people with a brood of alien slugs, he still loves his pretty young wife and wants to keep her by his side.  When the slugs turn the townspeople into a hive mind zombie collective, instead of screaming for brains they all moan out her name.  There are maybe one or two jumps in the movie but most of the “horror” is from the gross transformation of Michael Rooker into disgusting-alien-thing and the various disgusting things that the people “pregnant” with his slug brood do.  Gross stuff.  But funny too.  That’s why the movie works.

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