Star Trek (2009)

Star Trek (2009) — So growing up I was really into Star Trek, but around my teens years I just sort of tuned out.  The shows didn’t get any worse (although the movies sure did), but I just developed other interests.  Among the television interests I developed in my 20s: Lost.  So a Star Trek movie from the guys who did Lost pretty much was a slam dunk idea from the beginning.  The movie is cast perfectly and stays true to the spirit of the existing mythos without being weighed down by excessive devotion to cannon.  I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this movie.  It keeps fan favorites like dudes in red outfits getting killed and hot green chicks and jettisons some of the pacing problems that plagued several (though not all) of the previous films.  I’m stoked that the franchise has been reinvigorated by new creative talent and look forward to future installments.  Until then live long, prosper, and all that good stuff.

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