Up (2009)

Up (2009) — Pretty much a perfect movie.  The first ten minutes have more heart than most 2-hour-plus movies do in their entirety.  I could go point-by-point on everything I liked about the movie but then sitting here and reading it would take you longer than just watching it yourself.  A couple months after seeing this I saw two excellent films called The Station Agent and The Visitor, both written and directed by Thomas McCarthy [who you may know as the skeevy reporter from the last season of The Wire, or the plastic surgeon boyfriend in 2012].  When checking his imdb page to see what else he was doing as a writer/director, I saw that he was one of the writers for Up.  This really makes perfect sense as it shares the theme of his other films and is every bit as excellent.  Pixar yet again proves that there is such a thing as a family film that treats its audience of all ages with enough respect to give them a real story with fully developed characters and not just rely on crude gags.  As long as they’re making films, I’ll keep seeing them.

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