Blow Dry (2001)

Blow Dry (2001) — This movie was on cable and I watched it.  That’s about the level of my recommendation too.  If it’s on cable, watch it.  It’s not really worth going out of your way to see.  But it’s quirky and British with a mostly British cast.  Humorously out-of-place are Josh Hartnett as a Brit and Heidi Klum as an Irish woman [I think?].  This movie has Alan Rickman in comedy mode, which is largely the same as Alan Rickman in drama mode except he says funny things that are in the Alan Rickman voice even funnier.  So there’s that.  It’s about hairdressing or whatever which doesn’t seem to me to be the most film-ready subject in the world [no offense to my hairdresser friends on Facebook (oddly enough, I do have some)] but as with all things character makes all the different.  Bill Nighy is in sleazy bad guy mode so that’s cool too.  Rachael Leigh Cook is in this (as a Yank, no fake accent) which makes me wonder what ever happened to her.  She couldn’t act worth a damn but she was very cute… Anyway final thoughts on the movie: it was fun enough and there are far worse ways to spend a couple hours.

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