Eastern Promises (2007)

Eastern Promises (2007) — Director David Cronenberg shows once again that he is so much more than mutant sex organs and exploding heads.  Anyone who disputes his awesomenes should be attacked in a steam room with linoleum knives… Eastern Promises is a little heavier than your average gangster flick.  While unflinching in violence gangster movies tend to glamorize.  The criminal empire in Eastern Promises is one which no one would want to be a part of.  Viggo Mortensen is amazing in the male leading role and the movie needs to be watched more than once to truly appreciate how good he is in this flick.  The attention to detail with the tattoos is great and really helps to sell this world that most of us know little to nothing about.  Plus I’m pretty stoked at the accent work: an American [Mortensen], a German [Armin Mueller-Stahl, and a Frenchman [Vincent Cassel] all play Russians and to my untrained American ears they all sound flawless.  But the movie is more than tattoos, throat-slittings, and accent work (though it does have all those things).  Go see it.

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