It’s Complicated (2009)

It’s Complicated (2009) — Meryl Streep could sleepwalk through a movie like this so it speaks to her professionalism that she doesn’t.  No one does, really.  There’s nothing particularly original about this movie but everyone does their part and does it well enough that I was actually rather entertained.  Alec Baldwin has turned into a pretty decent comedic actor over the years and manages to make his character (who is, upon examination, kind of a prick [and a subscriber to the James Bond “26 Nos and a Yes means Yes” theory of romance that tends to encourage stalking…]) not nearly as unlikeable as his actions should make him.  Steve Martin can be a lot funnier than this, but instead he plays a character instead of playing Steve Martin.  And John Krasinksi brings… um, I guess it’s not technically comic relief if the rest of the movie is a comedy but whatever.  It’s more of a rental than a movie to see in theaters but I didn’t pay for my ticket so I’m cool with it.

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