Saving Private Ryan (1998)

Saving Private Ryan (1998) — That Spielberg kid might just have a future in the pictures…  This movie is kind of odd tonally.  It manages to be somehow unrelenting and sentimental at the same time.  That shouldn’t really work but it does.  The basic premise is not really an easy one.  What is one guy’s life worth?   Is one Matt Damon worth Tom Hanks, Tom Sizemore, Edward Burns, Adam Goldberg, Vin Diesel, Giovanni Ribisi, Barry Pepper, and Jeremy Davies?  That’s certainly debatable.  Spielberg seems to think so.  I’m not really sure but it makes for one hell of a movie.  Very few of the characters feel like two dimensional stock war movie characters (except Barry Pepper’s sniper).  Speaking of actors, it’s weird that Paul Giamatti, Leland Orser, and Nathan Fillion are in this.  I never really noticed before but then again in 1998 I didn’t know who any of them were.  Anyway as far as war movies go this is a damn good one.  [I watched this last Friday so it’s not as fresh in my head as movies usually are when I write these things.]

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