Gone Baby Gone (2007)

Gone Baby Gone (2007) — So I just read the book and wanted to watch the movie again with that new frame of reference.  As an adaptation goes, the movie is rather streamlined.  Some of the casting is off from the descriptions in the book but if I have problems with this movie, the cast is definitely not among them.  The cast in this movie is phenomenal.  Maybe nepotism played a role in Casey Affleck’s casting but he’s good enough where it doesn’t matter.  The real standout is Amy Ryan who was rightfully nominated for an Oscar for her role as mother of the year [sarcasm].  Ben Affleck’s directorial debut is surprisingly well-executed although at times the pacing drags.  The movie has some complex moral/ethical questions at the heart of it, especially regarding the care of children.  It is not a feel-good movie by any stretch of the imagination, so be forewarned.

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