Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)

Hot Tub Time Machine (2010) — As one can infer from the title this movie provides remarkable insight into the literature of Marcel Proust.  Oh wait, no it doesn’t.  Does have some funny-as-hell bodily fluid humor.  Also Crispin Glover, which is always a good thing.  The one joke I thought was missing: “Hey, Will, it’s your cousin Marvin.I.Am….” [then again that joke’s a bit played out post-Family Guy]. Rob Corddry from The Daily Show fucking rocks in this movie as a guy whose closest friends describe him as an asshole.  Anyway, there’s really not much to say about this movie.  If you like your humor lowbrow (and I most certainly do), this movie rocks.  If not, then go see that movie with the sparkly douche and the Aussie chick from Lost.

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