The Ghost Writer (2010)

The Ghost Writer (2010) — Ewan McGregor stars as an unnamed ghost writer hired to help on the memoirs of a former British Prime Minister (played by Pierce Brosnan, based on Tony Blair) who is being investigated for war crimes in connection to the rendition of four British citizens suspected of terror ties (if you’re the type to let your politics dictate your taste in movies, that sentence should give you enough to know whether or not to skip this one).  Further wrinkle in the situation: the previous ghost writer is dead of what was either a suicide or accidental drowning.  A normal person who works professionally writing other people’s memoirs would just write the damn book and collect a paycheck but Ewan’s got to dig when he finds one suspicious thing after another.  Brosnan’s character Adam Lang is essentially in exile at Martha’s Vineyard since he would likely be arrested by the I.C.C. if he returned to England.  I wonder how director Roman Polanski captured that feeling of not being able to return home so well… hmm… Anyway it’s no surprise that the director of Chinatown made a good thriller with plenty of intrigue and plot twists.  It’s definitely not up there with that movie, but it’s a worthy entry into the political thriller genre. One issue: the movie was cut down from an R to a PG-13 so there are several moments when the lips are saying “fuck” and the voice is saying something less “offensive.” I don’t mind PG-13 ratings, I just hate censorship especially when it is crudely executed.

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