Temple Grandin (2010)

Temple Grandin (2010) — So this is a made-for-HBO that has been sitting unwatched on my DVR for about two months before I finally got around to watching it.  It’s the story of Temple Grandin (Claire Danes), an autistic woman who in the 1960s & 70s overcame the disadvantages of her condition to revolutionize the cattle industry.  It’s one of those movie where if you don’t really know much about autism (I sure as hell don’t) it helps you understand it better.  The special effects to help illustrate the thought process of a visual thinker like Grandin were hit-or-miss but helped me “get it” more than I did before.  If you’re into overcoming-adversity stories this is a good ones.  The acting and direction elevate it over what could have been a Lifetime movie.  Thankfully HBO has standards a bit higher than Lifetime.

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