The Baader Meinhoff Complex (2009)

The Baader Meinhoff Complex (2009) — This is a movie that while never boring squanders its potential for greatness.  The Red Army Faction was a group of German people who saw the injustices of the world, got pissed off, and instead of trying anything constructive ran off like a bunch of idiots and became terrorists.  This movie does not glorify their actions.  They come off like petulant children.  But still the movie manages to keep the viewer interested and not outright revile the characters (at least not at first anyway).  This might also have something to do with Johanna Wokalek being an insanely attractive woman… I tend not to judge insanely attractive women harshly because I am a shallow, shallow human being.  But moving on… the movie gets bogged down in narrative problems.  The passage of time is never entirely clear in the movie except when onscreen titles tell you what year it is.  Also it’s very easy to get a lot of the smaller supporting characters mixed up.  The movie’s message, if it even has one, seems to be that when you engage in terrorism you cede the moral high ground no matter how noble your initial ideals and in fact do little more than embolden whatever it is you were fighting against in the first place.  This is a smart movie about very stupid people.

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