The Losers (2010)

The Losers (2010) — If action movie that are light on plot are the cinematic equivalent of fast food (satisfying, but with no nutritional value) then this is fast food with lots of beer (satisfying with no nutritional value but a hell of a lot of fun).  Gerard Butler and his horrible American accent were not available so instead they just hired the American Gerard Butler, Jeffrey Dean Morgan from Watchmen.  Also Zoë “I’m in every single movie this year” Saldaña, Chris “Human Torch AND Captain America” Evans, Idris Elba (who does a crappy American voice in this movie even though he did a flawless one for three years on The Wire), Columbus Short, and a Hispanic guy in a cowboy hat are also on hand.  Jason Patric chews the scenery as the villain who goes from being way too over-the-top to just over-the-top enough.  It really is an awful performance but it’s kind of fun anyway.  Oh, and lots of shit blows up.  And people get shot with no blood.  It all makes for an enjoyable movie with a sequel set-up ending (which does actually make for an unsatisfying lack of plot resolution) that will kill an hour and a half in a very fun way.  Check it out.

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