Gomorrah (2008)

Gomorrah (2008) — Between this and The Girlfriend Experience it was a week of getting disappointed by art house films for me…  This movie has several elements I like but they don’t come together in a way I would characterize as entertaining.  I saw a half-hour episode of Vanguard (really one of the best investigative journalism shows on television) about the Camorra and it was far more interesting than this two hour plus narrative.  There are five parallel stories going on that loosely intersect and all relate to Italy’s organized crime underground.  Perhaps it is just my American sensibilities but the film seemed drearily slow to me.  This movie is one of those Oscar-nominated critically-beloved movies that I just don’t connect with.  It happens.  Everyone has their own taste.  While the real-life situation involving the Camorra is indeed a compelling one (portrayed accurately in the film, from what I understand) the film itself wasn’t especially compelling.

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