You Don’t Know Jack (2010)

You Don’t Know Jack (2010) — How you feel about this movie will probably be decided by your predetermined biases.  If you are fundamentally opposed to euthanasia, you will probably not be receptive to this movie (but who knows, maybe it will change your mind).  I myself am a proponent of the right-to-die movement so I didn’t have anything going against this film from the get-go.  The movie is fairly good but somewhat uneven.  I liked it but not enthusiastically.  What I did like enthusiastically was Al Pacino.  In this HBO-movie Al Pacino is better than he’s been on the big screen this whole past decade (in fact his last performance of this caliber was in Angels in America, another HBO production).  Through his vocal work and a surprising physical resemblance to Dr. Jack Kevorkian, Pacino completely disappears into this role.  Back to the film’s ideology though.  This is a film that clearly supports doctor-assisted suicide, but isn’t entirely afraid to show the other side of the issue, albeit not until close to the end.  For most of the movie the only opponents depicted are fundamentalists, but towards the end of the movie a few legitimate concerns with Kevorkian’s practices are articulated reasonably well.  The end of this film does put the question forward of whether Kevorkian went too far?  The best thing this movie does (besides allow Pacino to redeem himself for 88 Minutes & Righteous Kill) is it asks all the right questions to get you thinking…

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