Crank (2006)

Crank (2006) — All the plot necessary for this movie happens in the first five minutes. After that it’s a perpetual motion machine of a movie: always going. Innovative film-making techniques and a seriously sick sense of humor help this movie become a new action classic. Plus Jason Statham actually does the shit movie stars pretend to do like standing up on a motorcycle and getting in a fight ON THE SIDE OF A GOD DAMN HELICOPTER. I remember thinking Statham was cool ten years ago from Guy Ritchie movies but I never dreamed he would become the mega-badass he has in the last decade. The plot sets it up so that combat the lethal dose of poison in his system, Staham’s Chev Chelios has to keep his adrenaline up, which gives the movie every excuse it needs to just go bugfuck wild. The people who made this movie, Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, created a hyperactive world where you believe that Chev can (and does) survive just about anything. Like Chev, this movie never lets up, never stops moving.

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