Crank: High Voltage (2009)

Crank: High Voltage (2009) — After making the colossal pile of dogshit that was Gamer, Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor decided (or rather were coerced) to revisit the character that got them started: Chev Chelios. The movie begins with Star Trek‘s John DeLancie as a newscaster reporting on the events of the first film calling them “highly implausible.” This is a clue: the film-maker know how far out there the first film was, and this time they’re going even farther. They take their cameras closer to the action than previous possible, shooting on $700 commercially available digital cameras smaller than a box of Kleenex. They go even further on the “holy shit” factor with a premise that requires Chev keep his body flowing not with adrenaline, but electricity. Chev needs to electrocute himself several times… to NOT die (that’s the “logic” of this film). The film is so unsubtle it’s like having a shotgun shoved up your ass. Okay, not really but that does happen to someone in the movie. Whilst on his supercharged quest to fix his condition and take his bloody revenge Chev runs across strippers, hookers, gangbangers, porn stars, and the identical twin of his dead friend, who has full body Tourette’s Syndrome. This movie is out there, man. It’s not quite as tight as the first film but it fucking rocks in the way you’d hope it would. Now let’s hope Neveldine/Taylor make more movies like this and no more like Gamer.

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