Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn (1987)

Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn (1987) — After years of only seeing this film on the small screen the Crest’s Trash Film orgy allowed me to see it on the epic big screen it deserves! Now I’m not sure you can really review a film well based on a Trash Film orgy screening. People yell shit at the screen from start to finish and they insert an intermission into the movie so all the drunk people can go take a piss (and there are a LOT of drunk people… and even more stoned people). But if ever there was a movie more tailor-made for this crowd it is Evil Dead 2. It basically takes all that is awesome about the original film, ups the ante and filters it through an almost Three Stooges-like filter of comedy. It has a few mildly effective jumps in it but what makes the movie a classic is the comic absurdity of it all. This movie is why Bruce Campbell is treated like a god, and deservedly so. There’s one word for this classic: groovy…

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