High Fidelity (2000)

High Fidelity (2000) — So I think the lamest possible way to review this movie would be to list my Top 5 things I love about this movie… so I’ll be doing just that [unranked].

5. The soundtrack is beyond fucking great. The movie is about music nerds and the music in the movie actually fits that vibe (although i suppose real hardcore music nerds would probably dismiss it as being too “obvious”).

4. I saw this movie ten years ago. Then this past week I read the book, which is what provoked me to watch it again. Despite the location transplant from London to Chicago, the movie perfectly carries the tone of Nick Hornby’s prose (often by replicating it word for word).

3. The cast is all note-perfect. Cusack walks that fine line of sensitive-but-not-a-pussy expertly. Jack Black and Todd Louiso have never been this good in anything else. I still can’t believe this is the only movie I have ever seen Iben Hjejle in and all the ex-girlfriends are great.

2. I mentioned this earlier in my book review, but the idea of organizing your albums autobiographically is fucking fantastic and I would try it if I knew where half of my CDs were…

1. This is a romantic comedy from the male perspective. While men tend not to be overly complicated, the general depiction of the male gender within the romantic comedy genre is fucking abysmal. This movie finally provides my gender with an articulate spokesman when it comes to matters of the heart.

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