Kick-Ass (2010)

Kick-Ass (2010) — So watching this film several months later, perspective sinks in. While I am still bitter as all hell that the scene from the comics involving a child’s cocaine use was cut, I can appreciate the film’s darkness more, even if it is cut down significantly from Mark Millar’s source material. I am a man with a sick sense of humor and Matthew Vaughn’s sense of humor (or humour, given his nationality) is pretty sick, just not as sick as Millar’s. Not having the comic fresh in my mind I can appreciate the delightful absurdity of many touches to the film, like Nic Cage’s Adam West voice or the fact that since the entire production crew was from the UK the whole film could be considered a critique of American sensibilities. Moreover I love the way this movie becomes exactly what it is parodying. The film feels very rooted in a very real world until at one point it isn’t, and Vaughn picks the perfect moments to discard realism entirely. At age nine I actually drafted some superhero plans of my own but by high school I by-and-large shifted my focus to the opposite sex so while that dream still goes unrealized I have a feeling it might have gone much like the earlier part of this film (before he starts kicking ass and is still getting his ass kicked). This movie is for the dreamers like me, the geekier the better. Another longer review of mine is available at

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