The Crazies (2010)

The Crazies (2010) — SECOND REVIEW [Blu Ray]: So on this recent re-viewing I found myself debating whether I prefer crazies to zombies (as far as movie entertainment is concerned.  Presented with either in reality, I’m sure I’d just shit myself and run away). Zombies have their numbers and status as a modern classic movie monster…. but crazies can methodically plan to kill you using machines or guns or pretty much anything else at their disposal. Plus, you know there are real crazy people out there. I was reading an article (okay it was on a comedy site, but still) that says all that’s really separating us from being non-stop killing machines (as individuals anyway, as a species we crossed that bridge a long time ago) is the cerebral cortex or something like that.  If that deteriorates, all our motor functions remain intact but our ability to exercise restraint goes right out the window. Among the many things that can cause this: Mad Cow disease (guess Zombieland wasn’t far off, huh?). Anyway I recognize that this isn’t so much a review of the movie as random musings on horrific hypotheticals, but I already wrote a damn review a couple months ago so who cares? This movie posits a terrifying scenario. If you were on the run from crazy people and ANY of your friends/family/acquainatances could become one of them without having sustained anything as obvious as a zombie bite, well then you wouldn’t really be able to rely on anyone. Is someone very understandably stressed with the unfolding events or are they acting a little TOO twitchy?  And is your lack of trust a necessary perspective or are you a little TOO paranoid? In order to function, human beings have to be a little crazy.  Where’s the line? And I’m sure it doesn’t help when the government’s out to kill you (although I think Tea Partiers think this is already happening). Maybe I’m giving this movie too much thought, but either way I dug it. FIRST REVIEW [In theaters]: So as far as narrowly specific subgenres go this is the second remake of a George A. Romero movie to feature a song from Johnny Cash’s “American IV” album in its opening… that not particularly meaningful, it’s just something I noticed. Michael Eisner’s son Breck made this movie and it’s pretty damn good as far as the not-technically-a-zombie-movie-but-basically-a-zombie-movie genre goes. Technically it is not a zombie movie because zombies are reanimated corpses and the crazies never actually die and therefore do not reanimate. They just go crazy and try to kill you, like that movie The Signal [worth checking out] but without the signal. They also have the speed and basic mental faculties of a normal person meaning they still know how to operate firearms, machinery, and other shit that can kill you. Timothy Olyphant plays the sheriff of the small town that gets infected, Joe Anderson plays his deputy, and Radha Mitchell plays his wife. Also Friday the 13th‘s Danielle Panabaker is in this movie which makes me think she’s trying to become some kind of horror remake scream queen. Anyway so as if they crazies weren’t bad enough, the government is trying to “contain” the infection, which of course entails killing everyone. Damn Obamacare! And on top of that, there’s the fact that every time someone starts acting strange the question is raised “are they wigging out because of this fucked-up situation or are they infected?” Anyway there’s a lot of jump moments combined with a genuinely unsettling premise so as horror remakes go this is a pretty damn good one [though I never saw the original].

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