The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009)

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009) — Let me start off by saying I thought this was a good engaging movie. However I think maybe one should wait more than a week after finishing a book before checking out the film adaptation (it doesn’t help that I’m two thirds of the way through the sequel right now). The whole time I was watching a well-crafted movie that moved along at a good pace, I was thinking about what was left out and what was different. That’s not a great frame of mind to watch a movie in. Adaptations should be evaluated first on their own merits, then later on how they adapted the source material. I will have to check it out again sometime later (maybe if the Swedish extended cut ever makes it to Blu Ray in the U.S.).  Michael Nyqvist is very good in the lead role as is Noomi Rapace in the titular one (though she is quite different from what I envisioned reading the book). Some of the more graphic scenes in the book are presented in the film with an unflinching brutality. From statistic presented in the book I gather that Sweden has something of a problem with misogyny, as indicated by the book and film’s Swedish title which translates as “Men Who Hate Women.” Director Niels Arden Oplev brings great stylistic atmosphere to the film and builds the suspense quite ably. It is somewhat of a disadvantage watching a mystery when you already know “whodunnit” but he kept my attention the whole two and a half hours.  Despite all my high-minded talk about taking some time before going to see movies after finishing the book, I imagine I will rush out to see the sequel when it opens at the Crest in two weeks.

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