Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992) — I saw this movie in 1992 at the tender young age of 7. It ranks alongside Encino Man and Adventures in Babysitting as a movie I will always love no matter how silly or dated it may seem. Yeah, I know nerd god Joss Whedon had his script heavily changed by the producers and that the TV show is much better in things like “story” and “character” and “representing the intentions of the creator” but as much as I loved the Sarah Michelle Gellar television series, I am a Kristy Swanson loyalist. Seriously, man, what ever happened to her? I saw her in Playboy in 2002 and she was still smoking hot and she was funny and entertaining in this movie. Why didn’t she have more of a career? Anyway it’s also amusing to see super-young versions of David Arquette, Ben Affleck, Tom Jane, and two-time Oscar winner Hillary Swank. I think people today might see this movie and go “eh, it’s kinda cute,” but as I often tell my younger friends about the early 1990s, you just had to be there.

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