Capitalism: A Love Story (2009)

Capitalism: A Love Story (2009) — Hmmmm… how do I make this a strictly movie review without making this about political views?  Fuck it; can’t be done. I guess I’ll start with my own basic perspective on the subject matter: I believe in capitalism as people receiving adequate compensation for their labors.  You get reward for work, basically. That’s not really what I see when I look around me in the world today. Michael Moore, the film-maker detested by the right and tolerated by the left, seems to think that my idea of capitalism is a myth used to sell the ugly situation we find ourselves in. There’s something to that and Moore provides many case studies. The problem, as usual, is that emotionally manipulative editing and cheap stunts/skits (like putting up crime scene tape on Wall St.) undercut the valid points Mr. Moore is trying to make. All in all, the movie entertains and informs but LIKE ALWAYS independent verification is needed of the facts before you go out and base your worldview on anything in this movie. I always say anyone who gets their history/civics lessons from movies is an idiot, I don’t care if the movie is a documentary. Don’t be educated by others, educate yourself. The thing I agree with most about this movie is this: rather than passively believing the Horatio Alger myth of “if I work my ass off, my day is going to come,” we do live in a democracy that allows you to get and do something to change the broken system. Even though they’re on the other side of political spectrum, the Tea Party people have realized that much at least (though their impact remains questionable). Democracy only works when people take action and for all its flaws, that is the main thing to take away from this movie.

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