Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981)

Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981) — So there are many things about this movie that make absolutely no fucking sense.  For starters [spoiler alert] in the first film the killer was the seemingly kind Mrs. Voorhees who was avenging the death of her “special needs” son Jason due to camp counselor negligence.  In the end she is decapitated.  In this movie the killer is a now-grown Jason Voorhees avenging his mother’s death… the mother who was avenging HIS death… except he’s not dead… wait, what?  I imagine the conversation went something like this: “Wow Friday the 13th made us a shitload of money.  We need a sequel.” “Yeah but we killed off the old lady so we need a new killer for the sequel.” “How about her now-grown son?” “But doesn’t that completely destroy her motivation for killing?” “…” “Fuck it, let’s do this thing.” *both then do a lot of coke* Also the ending of this movie doesn’t make a whole lot of sense either with the whole “what was real and what was a dream” thing. Someone who should be dead is alive and vice versa.  It’s weird. But the thing to judge these stupid stupid movies on is not logic but rather violence and gratuitous nudity and this film scores on both fronts. On the nudity front we get Kristen Baker, possibly the hottest girl to bare it all for the series. On the violence front we get the sex kabob and a disabled guy gets macheted causing his wheelchair to roll down the stairs. I’d say that despite many plot holes this movies achieves what it sets out to, and achieves it with gusto. My review of the entire Friday the 13th series is available at

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