Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984) — It is worth noting that subsequent to this “final” chapter they made EIGHT MORE MOVIES!  This movie is sort of a mixed bag, Friday the 13th-wise.  As far as before-they-were-“famous” roles go, add points for Crispin Glover, detract points for Corey Feldman.  Feldman is irritating as all hell in this movie and I really wish Jason killed him instead of the other way around.  Glover brings the same awesome brand of weirdness he brings to everything.  But these movies are about blood and gore so let’s go on those grounds.  Nudity: big points for twins.  Twin girls in horror movies are usually creepy.  Not here.  This is a good thing.  Actually this movie has a lot of gratuitous nudity so yay for that.   A lot of the gore is compartively mild to other installments in the series. Highlights include a shower head-crushing, a hand-corkscrewing followed by a face-machete-ing, and a couple good old fashioned stabbings.  There’s also a lot of weird uninteresting stuff in this movie, most of it having to do with Corey Feldman.  Man I hate that kid in this movie… My review of the entire Friday the 13th series is available at

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