Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)

Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) — I don’t really care about real estate sales and this is a movie about real estate salesmen. So why do I care? David Fucking Mamet, that’s why I fucking care. The foul-mouthed poet of the American stage creates characters that absorb you. Add to that that the cast is stacked with great actors at the top of their game. Al Pacino as a cocky son of a bitch, back before he became a parody of himself. Ed Harris as an amoral blowhard. Alan Arkin doing world-weary (back before he did that in every movie). Kevin Spacey as a total prick, the type of role he was born for. Alec Baldwin with a now-iconic verbal assault of a “motivational” speech.  And Jack Lemmon in the role of a career, and when you consider how amazing Jack Lemmon’s career was that is really fucking saying something. You know those people who have scene-stealing performances in a movies? That’s EVERYONE in this movie. My only issue with the film is the direction, which comes off as very dated. The streets lit by neon signs, the saxophone soundtrack it all comes off as very early-90s/late-80s. Some movies even succeed because of how dated they are, but in this film there’s a timelessness to the material that gets trumped by how dated the style is and that bugs me.

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