The Prowler (1981)

The Prowler (1981) — So this is one of those 80s slasher flicks that I tend to enjoy.  This one had a particularly high reputation so i figured I’d check it out.  The reputation is entirely due to the high-quality gore work does by master of blood and guts Tom Savini.  Everything else about the movie is pretty lame.  I don’t expect much from these types of movies besides gore (check) and some completely gratuitous and unnecessary nudity (check) but at least they should make some kind of effort as to being something worth watching.  The scenes that are supposed to be suspenseful are just boring and while it looked like they were going to aim for sort of “mystery” plot like 1983’s My Bloody Valentine (a movie this has certain plot similarities to), they really phone it in. Plus, who the killer is basically announced early on in bright flashing letters (figuratively speaking).  Hmmm, I wonder if that guy who is establishing an alibi for why he’ll be missing later during all the murders could be up to something… nah.  For its many annoying faults though, the gore in this movie is worth checking out.  Nowadays everyone wants to use CG blood and gore and it looks so cartoony.  There’s an impalement in this movie that looks practically real.  It’s just cheap on-set tricks but they work dammit and I wish slasher flicks would go back to that…

One Response to “The Prowler (1981)”
  1. Mos Jones says:

    Never heard of this film but I’ll check it out for the nostalgic feeling. I just recently blogged about what I feel is missing in horror films.

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