This Film Is Not Yet Rated (2006)

This Film is Not Yet Rated (2006) — So I was watching TV at myparents’ house and there was something on one of the news channels that mentioned that some lobbying group was pushing for smoking in movies to be a cause for an R rating. This caused me to grumble something about the “fucking MPAA.” My mom, a parent (as you might guess), asked “what’s wrong with the ratings board?” So I put on this movie. Despite always having sort of an issue with the ratings board of the Motion Picture Association of America, I never knew just how fucked up things were. To sum up the main issue of the movie: there is no transparency for the process. Granted if someone does a movie where an orgy gets shot up by mad gunmen, an R (at least) is to be expected, but the methodology by which this anonymous panel (supposedly comprised of parents of children 5-17) brands films with a classification that will greatly affect its distribution and availability is practically a mystery. Documentary film-maker Kirby Dick decides to solve that mystery and find out just who the fuck these people are and to expose the double standards by which they operate. The film is as witty as insightful and interviews with film-makers that have wrestled with the MPAA in the past (Kimberly Pierce, Kevin Smith, Matt Stone, Mary Harron, Atom Egoyan) keep things colorful. This is a movie any film-buff or avid movie-goer should see to find out just how little certain people think you are capable of handling.

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