Ringer – “She’s Ruining Everything”

Ringer – “She’s Ruining Everything

Sigh… so this episode convinced me to abandon this show… then the “next time on Ringer” ad enticed me with the promise of shit ACTUALLY HAPPENING next week. So there’s that. In the meantime the show keeps spinning its wheels. It’s trying to develop the emotional storylines which would be easier if the show didn’t maintain a tone so devoid of emotion. Bridget is still trying to preserve her friendship with Siobhan’s best friend Gemma (whose husband Siobhan was nailing) but it’s not clear why. What is Bridget getting out of living Siobhan’s life? She emptied the bank account sure, but that really only works if she follows through on her plan to split town. Instead she’s lured into staying by helping her faux stepdaughter Juliet, who’s going down the same bad path Bridget went down before sobering up. Also just how the hell do they get “sha-von” out of “Siobhan?” It’s an Irish name and I’m reasonably sure that’s not how they pronounce it (unless the particular Irish person is a huge fan of 1960s girl groups). Even worse, her husband’s nickname for her is “shiv.” Then again with everything we know about Siobhan (still very little) maybe an improvised stabbing weapon is an appropriate nickname… Very little was done with the fake pregnancy storyline. I hope they don’t stretch that out. The intrigue is what got me back this week. Nothing in this episode makes me especially want to tune in next week. The Rope-rip-off storyline with the body in the box during the party should have been suspenseful but wasn’t because we KNOW Bridget’s not going to get exposed so soon. The show has a detached feel to it and I’m sure I care about any of the characters. Something needs to HAPPEN and if it doesn’t next week then fuck it, I’m done.

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