Easy A (2010)

Easy A — SECOND REVIEW [Netflix] Are high schoolers really this uptight about sex? What I see on TV leads me to believe that all teenagers are sex-crazed maniacs… or at the least pretty accepting of heterosexual intercourse. I don’t know. Maybe every generation hears that about the younger one. I don’t know. FIRST REVIEW [In Theaters] After scene-stealing hotness in Superbad and Zombieland it seems sort of a no brainer that Emma Stone would get to carry the lead in a movie eventually.  As it happens the movie isn’t bad either and it a cut above most of the shit teen comedies nowadays, though it fails to reach the heights of the John Hughes flicks it explicitly emulates.  I can’t really speak to the authenticity of its depiction of the high school experience since I didn’t have the normal high school experience.  I was sent to an all dude school which left me scarred and fucked up for life.  I will say that this movie is PG-13 (even though I never went a day in high school without hearing the word “fuck” in excess of 100 times [though at least 75 of those came from me]). It seems as artificially tame as most of these types of movies do.  Possibly because the plot is all about sex, or imaginary sex anyway which is as it happens the most common type of sex in high school. So one girl (Stone) lies to her best friend (Aly Michalka) about having nailed a dude over the weekend and the hate-filled Holy-roller stereotype (Amanda Bynes) spreads it all around the school.  Eventually the girl’s gay friend (Dan Byrd) talks her into using her newfound sex cred to help squash those troubling (and 100% true) gay rumors about him.  The scene of two virgins fake-fucking loudly at a party is funny in its total absurdity.  Soon the poor girl is branded a whore and the oh-so-coincidental class reading assignment of The Scarlet Letter takes on special poignancy to her.  This movie is not deep stuff but it is consistently entertaining and most of the people in the movie, Stone especially, are very good.  The main exception is Amanda Bynes who has a pathetically underwritten character.  Yeah, SOME Christians (in my experience not even half, they just seem like it because they’re louder) can be narrow-minded hate-spewing bitches, but even the worst examples of that have more going on than just a one-dimensional single-mindedness.  But that’s a very minor quibble for what is largely a cute movie.

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