Grindhouse (2007)

Grindhouse (2007) — Sweet Jesus I have been waiting for this for about three years, ever since I got out of the theater after seeing this the first (and until now only) time.  Planet Terror and Death Proof have been available separately for years now but this is what Grindhouse was all about: getting the two back-to-back with all the great fake trailers and ads and theater cards and missing reels and just the whole fucking experience of it. This is one for the film geeks and especially the horror geeks.  I feel like the Weinstein Company’s less-than-effective marketing campaign screwed over audiences full of people like me who would have loved to see this go franchise.  As it is, we got a real full-length Machete movie so maybe the dream isn’t dead.  Exploitation cinema is a truly badass thing and this has to be one of the greatest modern homages to those films and their 1970s heyday.

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