Let Me In (2010)

Let Me In (2010) — With an almost impossibly high standard to live up to, Cloverfield director Matt Reeves actually managed to make a very good movie.  Make no mistake: if you’ve seen Let the Right One In, you know point by point what’s going to happen in this movie.  Details are altered but it’s very much the same story.  While that doesn’t speak much for originality, it does make for a damn fine film.  The way the film sets itself apart is with the visual style.  Unlike in Cloverfield, Reeves gets to have well-composed shots that give the movie a great look.  There are some things the original film did better, most notably the excellent pool scene at the end and the handling of one burn victim character.  But that’s the thing, all the faults one can find in Let Me In are comparative.  On its own it stands up as an excellent entry into the horror genre.  It’s a movie that’s actually about something instead of just trying to make you jump or squirm.  All the early fears about remaking a modern classic have proven to be unfounded.  Highly recommended.

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