Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1980 (2009)

Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1980 (2009) — After having a so-so reaction to 1974 that fell slightly on the favorable side, 1980 knocked my socks off by comparison.  I know it’s said that the second parts of trilogies are always the best but I can’t remember the last time I liked a sequel so much after having a mediocre reaction to the original (unless Manhunter/Silence of the Lambs counts but I saw those in the wrong order).  Part of it might be the main character.  Paddy Considine’s Peter Hunter is actually good at his job, unlike reporter Eddie from the first film.  The story involves the investigation of the [real] Yorkshire Ripper murders but ends up focusing more on the police corruption introduced in the previous film.  I like that you can watch this film without watching 1974 and still get most of it, but having watched 1974 makes the story all the more rich.  The ending leaves things unresolved but that’s another trait common to the second chapter of trilogies…  I really enjoyed this movie.

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