Songs from the Second Floor (2000)

Songs from the Second Floor (2000) — This Swedish film takes place in a Sweden where some sort of economic collapse seems to have occurred (judging from the self-flagellating stock brokers marching through the streets and one economic board’s decision to resort to human sacrifice).  Nonetheless people seem to go about their days as usual, going to work etc.  The difference is that everything seems filtered through some kind of absurdist lens.  All in all, I didn’t care for the movie.  I didn’t really get what it was trying to say but that was largely because I didn’t care (kind of a letdown after wanting to see this for 10 years).  The film is very well regarded so it could easily just be my own personal taste: I’m not going to tell anyone not to see it if they want to.  I just got bored.  Some of the cinematography is great and some of the dark humor got a chuckle out of me, but all in all I would rather have spent the 98 minutes of my life in some other way.

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