The Signal (2007)

The Signal (2007) — This indie flick (Movie #3 in my Halloween Film Fest) is an odd one.  On the surface it has a very similar premise to the Stephen King novel Cell and the George Romero movie The Crazies.  Execution is where it goes its own way.  In essence, all television radio and phone signals are taken over by the titular signal, which drives people crazy so they start killing each other.  Instead of mindless zombie-like killing machine though they’re just delusional people whose hallucination provide justification for murder.  The primary antagonist of the movie is a guy named Lewis who is convinced that just about everyone is trying to hurt his wife.  The movie is directed by three people each of whom takes the helm for a thirty minute segment (referred to as “transmissions”).  The three vary wildly in tone, with the second especially being more of a black comedy than anything else.  The movie is a bit unclear sometimes but it still manages to be pretty cool.

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