Trick ‘r Treat (2007)

Trick ‘r Treat (2007) — SECOND REVIEW [Halloween 2010] I fucking love this movie.  This was the headliner for my Halloween Movie Night and it probably will be every year.  Thirty some years ago John Carpenter made a movie called Halloween that was good but didn’t really fully deliver on the potential of the holiday setting.  It was set at Halloween but that was all just scenery.  Batman Forever was set at Halloween too and had almost as much to with it as Carpenter’s flick.  Trick ‘r Treat is ABOUT Halloween and the silly superstitions that we ascribe to it.  It’s got some good jumps even if it never ascends to be actually scary but it does have some really wicked humor in it.  There are twists, some obvious, some not, but mostly it’s a fun ride that I’m pretty sure I’m going to watch every year.  I heard somewhere (perhaps unreliably) that Michael Dougherty is prepping a sequel.  I can’t wait. FIRST REVIEW [mid-October 2009] How much of evaluating films is rating the objective quality and how much is personal bias?  In this case, almost all personal bias.  I loved this movie.  Is it because it’s a well-made movie?  Yeah, somewhat.  More so because it plays to every single reason I love Halloween.  This movie has five stories that are loosely interconnected (like Magnolia, but with severed heads) and all on the subject of Halloween.  You know scary stories you used to tell each other when you were kids?  It’s like those, but ones you haven’t heard before [or I haven’t anyway, I don’t know maybe you have].  You can figure out where they’re going but the fun is getting there.  This film also has sort of a set of balls on it too.  You have to admire a flick that plays child murder for laughs.  And it works!  [Well, I’m a sick bastard so it worked for me anyway…]  To me this is a better movie about Halloween than Halloween [Carpenter or Zombie or any of the sequels].  I’m probably overselling this as it was made for a certain audience that I’m very much a part of.  Weird kids like me who grew up to be socially maladjusted adults like me are really the target.  I wish like hell this movie had been around when I was about 10.  It would have been one of my all-time favorites back then.  Now it fills me with a warm feeling of blood-soaked nostalgia…

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